Insurers™ allows you to achieve what really matters – accurate risk assessments, reduced drop-off rate, improved profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction.

A multi-sided platform solution for faster, simpler and easier insurance processes

Effortlessly connecting you to brokers and agents, new applicants and healthcare providers in one integrated platform.

You’ll reap the following benefits:

A full view of each applicant

Reduced drop-off rate

Reduced underwriting risk

Reduced administration costs

Improved revenue and profitability

No paper, less friction

Integrated digital claims processing

Background risk check

Elevated applicant journey improving satisfaction and trust

Connecting and coordinating all participants

Enhance your brand

Everything you need in one portal.


Make the consent authentication process easier for your new applicants, using an integrated DocuSign digital signature and a tracking tool.


An auto-populated, easy-to-use interface that is configurable for any insurer or product. Receive progress updates and track turnaround effortlessly.

Medical history

Review the applicant’s consent, application form answers and five years of comprehensive medical history and background checks. With the included unique visualization of potential risk areas, a reduced underwriting risk is optimally realized.


Electronically request and schedule the new applicant to go for personalized medical assessments as part of the underwriting process and instantly view the results of these assessments using a single platform.

Operational support

With an activity manager and inbox that coordinates communication between all participants, you’ll stay on top of all your applicants and tasks. Plus, intuitive online help is available should you need it.

Streamline insurance processes

With an innovative solution that improves assessment accuracy, accelerates the insurance application process and elevates the applicant journey.

Streamlined life and health insurance starts here™ brings it all together with an easy-to-use digital platform that takes the hassle out of life and healthcare insurance applications.